Wednesday, May 8, 2013

World Trade Centre Hit – September 11, 2001

The deadliest of all crashes ever, this conscious crashing of two planes into the World Trade Centre killed 2988 people, the majority of them being occupants of the twin towers of the World Trade Centre. This was an act of terrorism, and has no parallels in the annals of airplane crashes.

 On the morning of September 11th, terrorists hijacked four commercial jet planes and attempted to fly them into numerous U.S. targets. One of the planes, American Airlines Flight 11, crashed into Tower One of the World Trade Center at 8:50 AM.

The people of America hooped together in the weeks following the September 11th attacks like few other times in American history. People responded with donations of blood, effort and money.

President George W Bush immediately called for all civilized nations to band together and fight violence. The military of the United States mobilized for war in an operation code named Enduring Freedom.

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