Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Millions Still Face Power Outages, Major Flooding in Irene's Wake

Hurricane Irene is now a memory, but people on the East Coast are still facing the injure and will be for months to come.

The storm, which killed at least 40 people across 11 states, is still being felt all over the region. Nearly 5 million homes and businesses in a dozen states were still without electricity, and utilities warned it strength be a week or more before some people get their power back.


While people without electric power waited for the lights to come back on and communities from New York to Maine took store of the storm, homeowners and towns in land-locked Vermont faced a sobering new reality: Washed-out roads and bridges left them, for now, unreachable by automobile.

Communities up and down the East Coast cleaned up and took stock of the uneven and hard-to-predict costs of a storm that secure the nation's biggest city a nightmare scenario, only to deliver a historic wallop to towns well inland.

In New York City, where people had braced for a disaster-movie scene of water swirling around skyscrapers, the subways and buses were up and running again in time for the Monday morning exchange. And to the surprise of many New Yorkers, things went pretty easily.

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