Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cholera claims more lives in Bauchi - 70 dead; 1,742 infected
Just as some countries around the world are battling disasters of varying proportions, the people of Bauchi State seem to be fighting their own demon as cholera outbreak continues to claim the lives of its people. Ishola Michael reports.

In Bauchi State not fewer than 70 people including children have thus far died following an outbreak of cholera in some local government areas of the state, just as 1,742 persons have been infected and are lying critically ill at the various health centres across the state and this development sent shivers down the spines of many who are doing everything humanly possible to ward off the disease.

While speaking to newsmen on the issue, the chairman of the State Primary Health Care Developmental Agency, Dr. Musa Dambam Mohammed, lamented that the fatalities of this year’s outbreak were far higher than previous years due to what he described as negligence on the part of the people, particularly the relatives of those infected who refused to take the infected to the nearest health care facilities for medical attention, but will rather treat them at home until the situation got out of hand.

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